Everett Excavation Company


If you have a landscaping or construction business that requires a reliable and dedicated excavation company in Everett, WA, or surrounding areas, Baxter and Daughters Equipment Company is the one to choose. We take pride in our Everett excavation company and provide you with quality services and peace of mind.

Our Everett excavation company does so much more than just hauling the dirt around. In addition to our lugging services, our Everett excavation company provides site preparation by performing land grading services. If you need soil management, our Everett excavation company also provides topsoil and gravel delivery for your residential and commercial projects.

  • Excavation company
  • Land grading company
  • Lot clearing company
  • Land clearing company
  • Topsoil delivery company
  • Gravel delivery company

Our Everett excavation company is here to help! Contact Baxter and Daughters Equipment Company at (425) 521-6644.

Everett Excavators


At Baxter and Daughters Equipment Company, we provide you with trustworthy and friendly Everett excavators. Our reliable Everett excavators provide comprehensive commercial as well as residential excavation services for your site. Our Everett excavators have the experience, skills, equipment, resources, and the drive to complete any work on time and according to your budget.

Our Everett excavators respect your site and use the best techniques in order to maintain the integrity of the excavation task. No matter what the size of the project is, our Everett excavators are up for a challenge! Get in touch with our Everett excavators if you are searching for:

  • Residential excavators
  • Commercial excavators
  • Excavators near me
  • Excavating company in Everett
  • Construction equipment services

Our Everett excavators at Baxter and Daughters Equipment Company are ready to take on your project! Pick up your phone and dial now: (425) 521-6644.

Everett Excavating Company


Baxter and Daughters Equipment Company is your go-to Everett excavating company. We are not just any Everett excavating company that provides you with excavators with equipment, our Everett excavating company is a team of professional and friendly excavators that believe in getting the job done as per your requirements and preferences.

Whether you need an Everett excavating company for a landscaping project or a huge construction site, all you have to do is to let us know when to start and we will be right there with our equipment, team, and loads of expertise.

We offer a wide range of excavation services from small residential projects to large commercial ones. Get in touch with our Everett excavating company today!

  • Demolish old structure
  • Preparing land
  • Deliver soil
  • Deliver gravel
  • Remove materials from site
  • Excavation work in Everett

Our Everett excavating company, Baxter and Daughters Equipment Company, is just one call away! Call now: (425) 521-6644.


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